BAKING Parties

Baking Party ($360 + tax):

Recommended for 12 or fewer kids, ages 7+. Baking parties are held in the main floor room and include use of the outdoor covered patio. Choose what you and your guests want to make: pop-tarts, snicker doodles, or mini cupcakes! We can also do a seasonal-themed party, reach out to discuss options! Each kiddo will get to take home their batch of treats.

Flow of the party: We will start baking 5 minutes after the start of your party (i.e. if your party is scheduled to start at 1pm, we will start baking at 1:05pm). Please make sure your guests are aware of the time as we won’t be able to wait for latecomers (otherwise we risk not having enough time to bake & cool your goods!). If someone does run late, we’ll do our best to get them caught up but may need their parent or the party host to help with the catch up.  Depending on the recipe/treat we make, baking prep should take about 35-45 minutes. Once pans are in the oven, kids will have 5-10 minutes to decorate the bags or boxes that will be used to take their treats home. Following the bag/box decorating, this will be a good time for kids to enjoy any food/snacks/treats provided by the party host. For pop-tart and mini-cupcake parties, we’ll use the last 15-20 minutes of the party for decorating.

Pop-Tarts: The fun of pop tarts is creating fun shapes and pockets for the jelly! We use premade dough and cookie cutters to create the shapes we want. We have a variety of cookie cutters to use, but feel free to provide your own cookie cutter(s) if there is a special shape you’d like the party to make. Once pop tarts are out of the oven and cool enough, we will make icing to spread over the tops and decorate with sprinkles.

Snicker Doodles: We will work together as a team to create a large batch of cookie dough. Party guests will then get their own pan to roll out their own cookies to take home and enjoy.

Mini-Cupcakes: We will work together as a team to create a large batch of cupcake batter. Party guests will get their own mini muffin pans to fill and then take home and enjoy. We provide a variety of colorful mini muffin liners for kids to choose from, but feel free to provide your own themed liners if you’d like. Once cupcakes are out of the oven and cool enough, we will decorate with frosting and sprinkles.


Plan to bring outside food for your party, as we are not currently stocked with food or snack options. Outside beverages are not allowed. We have healthy juices, sparkling waters and juices, beer, wine, coffee, espresso, tea for purchase. We offer party times during mornings, afternoons, and evenings with flexible start/end times, but are currently encouraging parties to schedule in-between mealtimes to minimize the cost, mess, and waste associated with party food.

**Any large food packaging such as pizza boxes, cupcake boxes, fruit/veggie platters, etc. must be removed by the party host for disposal.**

Book a Party!

To book a party, send an email to team@wunderkindseattle.com with the following information:

**Note: We have a free & flexible change policy if you need to move the date or time of your party after it’s booked but are unable to offer refunds.