After-School Programs

Join us for After-School Fun at Wunderkind!

Enrollment for 2024-25 programs will open in late April / early May.  If you’d like to receive program info as soon as it is available, send us a note to be added to our mailing list: team@wunderkindseattle.com

We offer creative programming through Wunderkind and sports programming through our brand Momentum Sports. Please note, we focus on specialized activities and are not a general care provider. Kids who enroll with us should have a genuine interest in the program.

Details about our Creative Programs can be found here: Creative Programs | Wunderkind (wunderkindseattle.com)

Our Sports & Biking Programs enable kids to take advantage of the incredible resources at our disposal here in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more here: Momentum Sports

Programs follow Seattle Public Schools schedule and calendar.