2022-23 Creative Programs

2022-2023 Creative Program Descriptions

LEGO Enrichment

This program will start with outside time at a close-by park so kids can get some fresh air and burn some energy. Upon return to Wunderkind, kids will explore various themes including Architecture, Tall Towers, Castles, Minecraft, Ninjago, Treehouses, Spaceships, and more. Builders will be able to follow pre-built models for inspiration and will have bins of 12,000 themed bricks to build their own creations. Creations need to stay at Wunderkind, but pictures are welcome. Brick building will take place from 4-5:30pm. Cost is $120+tax / month or $45+tax / session.

Elementary School Schedule

Want to join us just for the brick building portion from 4-5:30pm?  Cost is $90 +tax /month or $30+tax / session.

Making & Baking

Calling all bakers! In this program we will practice our baking skills on various recipes from breads to muffins to sweet treats like cookies and cupcakes. We’ll of course taste test our baked goods and bring the extras home to share.  Cost is $180+tax / month or $60+tax / session.

     **We will bake with common ingredients including wheat, eggs, dairy.

     **We will not use any kind of nuts in our baking.

Elementary School Schedule

Gearhead Workshop

Many of the programs we offer require the use of mechanical equipment and there’s often a close relationship between the enjoyment we get out of the activity and how well our equipment is functioning. In the Gearhead Workshop, we’ll focus on the gear we rely on in our programs and routine preventative steps we can take to properly care for and maintain our equipment. We’ll also tackle any repairs or overhauls that need to be done and maybe even some full equipment builds. We’ll take a resourceful and entrepreneurial approach to learn how to properly care for, maintain, and repair our own skis, snowboards, bikes and more! Cost is $120+tax / month or $45+tax / session. Cost does not include any equipment that might be needed.

Elementary School Schedule

*Open to Middle Schoolers to join in-progress.

Art by Squirrelly Workshop

Art programs are operated by our amazing partner, Squirrelly Workshop! Class times, descriptions, and other details can be found at http://www.squirrellyworkshop.com/big-kids-classes.


**Pickup is provided for Bryant Elementary students.

**Pickup from other elementary schools is dependent on enrollment.  Let us know if transportation is a requirement for your kiddo to join our programs.


To register for one of the above programs, please send a brief reply to this email with the following information:

We’ll send a payment request via Venmo to secure your spot for the month of September.  Once payment is submitted, we do not offer refunds.